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O'Sullivan's Rainbow Lodge in Northern Ontario
Fishing Lodge & Hunting Outfitter
Black Bear Hunting, Moose Hunting, Grouse Hunting

 & Walleye Fishing in Nakina, Ontario, Canada.

Your Hosts: Bob & Shelly Richard
Summer 807-329-5297
P.O. Box 29 Nakina, Ontario, Canada P0T 2H0
Winter 715-564-2248
4995 Willow Rd. Tripoli, Wis. USA 54564

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Welcome fishermen and hunters to O'Sullivan's Rainbow. We are located in Northern Ontario Canada. The resort is located in the Boreal Forest 35 miles northwest of Nakina. Here at our resort we offer some of the finest fishing and hunting in northwestern Ontario. There are six species of fish for your angling pleasure. Walleye, lake trout, northern pike, brook trout also known as speckle trout, whitefish and yes even perch. We have fishing packages, hunting packages, as well as housekeeping cottages and campsites. All this comes with friendly hospitality, excellent service, professional fishing guides, and all the fresh air you can breath. So whether you are fishing for  walleye, or that northern pike, or just looking to relax with family and friends, you will find the action  at O'Sullivan's Rainbow is not only a fishermen and hunters paradise, it's a wilderness experience and an explorers dream. Remember that we also offer black bear hunting with bow or gun and an archery moose hunt.

O'Sullivan Lake is located deep in the wilderness of northern Ontario, Canada. This magnificent deep cold water lake is fourteen by seven miles and is connected to an additional eight miles of rivers, creeks, rapids, and a three and a half mile lake called Superb for your angling or exploring pleasures.

O’Sullivan Lakes structure is compounded by over one hundred islands dotting its horizon, depths in excess of one hundred & sixty feet, miles of rugged shoreline, deep bays, shoals, and weed beds.  This unique watershed is ideal for the multi-specie fishery it supports. Fifteen thousand acres of prime spawning and structured fish habitat.  A depth finder is essential on this lake.

O’Sullivan Lake & surrounding waters have all the right ingredients to produce some of the finest Trophy waters of Northern Ontario. Six varieties of game fish have made these waters just about as flexible as inland lakes can get.  Imagine fishing for Walleye, Lake Trout, Perch, Northern Pike, Whitefish, and the elusive Brook Trout, all in one day! No portaging,  or dragging of boats needed. Not only will you
enjoy the unbelievable structure of this marvelous body of water, the lonely shrill of the loon, and a breath of clean air, but you will catch fish... good fish... we guarantee it!

YES... it's worth the trip!


Tom Garette, May 18, 2018  Walleye Released


O'Sullivan's Legend Says.....

Only those who kiss the stone, 
lips upon lips, 
hands upon hands, 
will truly conquer the depths of these unknowns.

Blarney Stone



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O'Sullivan's Rainbow Lodge in Northern Ontario
 Fishing Lodge & Hunting Outfitter
 Black Bear Hunting, Moose Hunting, Grouse Hunting & Walleye Fishing in 
 Nakina, Ontario, Canada.